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Rugs are machine sewn to a quality upolstry material with two pleater layer of felt for border
and 1" polyester fiber padding.

Skin speciman according to diagram.
Skinng diagram
Make three incisions when skinning, from foot to foot along the inside of the legs, and from tht tip of the tail to the throat.

Option 1 - Freeze Skin
After hide is removed, head can be left in or skinned out, roll in a ball, put in bag, place in freezer ASAP. Once skin has been frozen for about a week, insulate in newspaper or insulation box and ship U.P.S. 2nd Day Air on a Monday.

Option 2 - Salt Dry Skin
To use this method, head must be removed, ears turned, lips split, tail and toe bones removed, all fat must be removed before salting. Lay skin flat and use about 1/2" of salt making sure to cover ALL PARTS! The salt will pull the water from the skin. Resalt 3 to 4 times until the skin is dry. Make sure ALL parts are dry. This process should take about a week to complete. Once dry, ship U.P.S. ground.
If you have any questions, call us at 518-756-2207 or email us at

Ship with your name, address and phone number.
Please call before shipping. Once we receive your speciman, we will call you for felt colors and mounting options.

Felt Colors
White Tan Cocoa Dk. Brown Red
Cranberry Sky Blue Robin Egg Blue Royal Blue Navy Blue
Kelly Green Hunter Green Charcoal Gray Black

Price List
Black Bear - $195.00 Linear Ft.
Grizzly Bear - $230 Linear Foot
Alaska Brown Bear - $230 Linear Foot
Mountain Lion - $195 Linear Foot
Bobcat - $525.00
Coyote - $525.00
Lynx - $525.00
Fox - $455.00
Racoon - $455.00
Wolf - $168 Linear Foot
5 Foot minimum charge on bears and mountain lions. Measurements are from the nose to the base of the tail. Prices are based on properly handled skins. Extra charges for repairs over 30 minutes. Minimum charge on black bear or mountain lion is $975, minimum charge on Grizzley/Alaskan Brown Bear is $1100.