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Meyers Chandeliers

Handcrafted, original antler chandelier lighting will dramatically enhance the look and appeal of your cabin. Designed specifically for the room of your choice, your stunningly beautiful fixture will always spark a conversation and draw a compliment. Shed deer, elk amd moose antlers, carefully selected for color and shape joined perfectly by years of innovative craftsmanship will light your home with the best memories of the out of doors.


the blackfoot Blackfoot

Our mose popular chandelier. Trophy class mule deer antlers make the Blackfoot a breathtaking chandelier for your dining room. Six matching light fixtures shed plenty of light for any atmosphere. The Blackfoot comes in two sizes, custom made to fit any room.

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the wilderness Wilderness

Our most popular fixture. Handcrafted Rocky Mountain Elk antler chandelier with eight lights. 40"-50" diameter.

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the yellowstone Yellowstone

Rocky Mountain Elk Chandelier
This magnificent chandelier spans 50-60 inches and includes 8 lights. A dining room favorite.

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Meyers Wildlife Studio Chandeliers

Silverbow is a classic lamp excellent for the office, reading room or bedroom. Featuring Mature Whitetail Deer Antlers, Silverbow is the perfect way to start your Antler lighting collection.
Stands 25" to 30" tall.

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Meyers Wildlife Studio Chandeliers Madison

Mature mule deer antlers adorned by our fantastic custom rawhide shades are the elements that form the shapely Madison. Named after the beautiful Madison Valley in Montana.

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Meyers Wildlife Studio Chandeliers Pathfinder- wall sconce

The Pathfinder is unique with a southwest flavor. It features a hammered iron wall plate with a deer antler arrangement surrounding a custom parchment shade. The Pathfinder was custom designed for the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, Washington where you find 65 Pathfinder sconces adorning the walls.

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Meyers Wildlife Studio Chandeliers Kootenai - wall sconce

On a smaller scale, but equally impressive is the Whitetail Deer antler wall lamp with custom rawhide shade.

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